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VDJ Chucky Annual Summer VideoMix Series



VDJ Chucky’s love of music began well before he became a well-known name within Delaware’s DJ Circuit. His depth of knowledge is owed to his start as a sounds systems assistant in the streets of his hometown, Tucville, Guyana.  Here, he learned the trade from a technical aspect and continues to use this knowledge to provide a complete musical experience.

In the early 90s, he migrated from Guyana to Brooklyn, NY. By then, his passion for music had grown so much, he never went far without his beloved mixed tapes and cassettes of Great Dancehall Sounds like Bass Odyssey, King Addies, Jaro Sound, & The Legendary Stone Love Movement. In Brooklyn, he sought every opportunity to improve on his craft. First as a technician, hooking up sound systems for the hottest DJs of the era; then, as the party’s main DJ.

In 1998, he relocated to Nashville, Tennessee where he polished his mixing and DJing skills. His hard work ultimately gained him much notoriety through Nashville, as he became a household name. Versed in any genre of music, he moved his audience, both physically and emotionally, regardless of their age or class.

By 2002, it was time to share his sounds with a new region, which brought him to Delaware, where the crowd had not yet experienced his crowd-rocking reggae sounds, with an atmosphere to match. To push to the masses, he created and promoted several concept events, most notably "Unfinished Business Fridays" & "Champion Sundays.” These events made DJ Chucky a force to be reckoned with within Delaware's DJ Circuit. His fan base grew exponentially that in 2008, VDJ Chucky was born – a Video DJ who elevated the entertainment game, introducing an all-inclusive visual experience to your party.

VDJ Chucky diversified his art, and was for an extended period of time, a Radio 
Disc Jockey on Delaware's 91.3fm WVUD College Radio. He spins all genres of music, and is equipped to handle various types of events. You can contact him: on Facebook @VDJ Chucky or @Madblaq Sounds; on Twitter @vdjchucky; and on Instagram @vdjchucky;

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